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db2dart 工具使用

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db2dart 在数据库正常停止后执行,否则会出现database状态不一致


[db2inst1@tserver ~]$ db2stop
SQL1064N  DB2STOP processing was successful.
[db2inst1@tserver ~]$ db2start
SQL1063N  DB2START processing was successful.
[db2inst1@tserver ~]$ db2 connect to i1_db1

   Database Connection Information

Database server        = DB2/LINUX 9.1.0
SQL authorization ID   = DB2INST1
Local database alias   = I1_DB1

[db2inst1@tserver ~]$ db2dart i1_db1 /DHWM

[db2inst1@tserver ~]$ cat I1_DB1.RPT


        _______                    DART                   _______

   D a t a b a s e   A n a l y s i s   a n d   R e p o r t i n g   T o o l

                           IBM    DB2    6000


DART (V9.1)  Report:

            Database Name: I1_DB1
            Report name: I1_DB1.RPT
            Old report back-up: I1_DB1.BAK
            Database Subdirectory: /IBM/db2inst1/db1/db2inst1/NODE0000/SQL00001
            Operational Mode: Database Inspection Only (INSPECT)


Action option: DHWM
Tablespace-ID: 5

Connecting to Buffer Pool Services...

Highwater mark processing - phase start.

NOTES:  All highwater mark values and/or object sizes listed below are
        given in extents and not pages (unless explicitly stated).

        The object ID and object type are shown for each extent listed.

        Extents marked with an asterisk (*) hold the first page of an
        object and these extents can only be moved by dropping and
        recreating that object.

        Extents marked as belonging to objects with ID equal to 65534 or
        65535 are SMP extents or object table extents and they are not

        After following a step and before continuing on to the next one,
        disconnect and reconnect to the database.

Highwater Mark:  160 pages, 5 extents (extents #0 - 4)

[0000] 65534 0x0e   [0001] 65534 0x0e   [0002] 65535 0x00   [0003]     4 0x40*
[0004]     4 0x00*

Dump highwater mark processing - phase start.

Number of free extents below highwater mark: 0
Number of used extents below highwater mark: 5

Object holding highwater mark:

Object ID: 4
Type:      Table Data Extent
      Note: Extent contains page #0 for object.

Dump highwater mark processing - phase end.

Highwater mark processing - phase end.


         The requested DB2DART processing has completed successfully!
                     All operation completed without error;
                   no problems were detected in the database.

                  Complete DB2DART report found in: I1_DB1.RPT

    _______    D A R T    P R O C E S S I N G    C O M P L E T E    _______

[db2inst1@tserver ~]$ db2dart i1_db1 /db 






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