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-- Oracle OLAP API失效错误,错误提示如下:

SQL> select comp_name, version, status from sys.dba_registry;

COMP_NAME                                          VERSION              STATUS
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ------------------------------
OWB                                                 VALID
Oracle Application Express                         VALID
Oracle Enterprise Manager                           VALID
OLAP Catalog                                        OPTION OFF
Spatial                                             OPTION OFF
Oracle Multimedia                                   VALID
Oracle XML Database                                 VALID
Oracle Text                                         VALID
Oracle Expression Filter                            VALID
Oracle Rules Manager                                VALID
Oracle Workspace Manager                            VALID
Oracle Database Catalog Views                       VALID
Oracle Database Packages and Types                  VALID
JServer JAVA Virtual Machine                        VALID
Oracle XDK                                          VALID
Oracle Database Java Packages                       VALID
OLAP Analytic Workspace                             OPTION OFF
Oracle OLAP API                                     OPTION OFF

++ 官方的一个链接反馈运用系统默认模版在标准版中会出现OLAP的升级问题
Use Of Database Templates with Standard Edition Cause Problems With OLAP (Doc ID 556194.1)


A new instance of the database is being configured using DBCA and a template other than Custom had been chosen.


All templates used by DBCA(except the Custom template) use pre-configured datafiles and are based on the Enterprise Edition feature set, which includes OLAP.

Standard Edition does not support OLAP.

When trying to configure the OLAP-related components while creating the instance, OLAP-specific configurations are performed and fail due to the OLAP option not being present.


When using DBCA with the Standard Edition of 10g or 11g of Oracle RDBMS, ensure that:
  • In Step 2 (Database Template) of DBCA, select Custom Database.
  • In Step 9 (Database Content) of DBCA, in the Database Content tab, please uncheck the OLAP component.
This will avoid executing the scripts that configure the OLAP option (which is not supported with the Standard Edition).

For Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition, you may choose to manually remove the (partially present) OLAP option by following these instructions (also outlined in Note 278111.1 How To Remove the Oracle OLAP API Objects From 9i and 10g):

SQL> conn / as sysdba
SQL> @?/olap/admin/catnoamd.sql
SQL> @?/olap/admin/olapidrp.plb
SQL> @?/olap/admin/catnoaps.sql
SQL> @?/olap/admin/catnoxoq.sql

For Standard Edition, these scripts do not exist and it is highly recommended to open a Service Request with Oracle Support to assist in the process.

不过在另外一个文档也有叙述OPTION OFF意味着我们无需理会即可。

Oracle OLAP Components listed as 'OPTION OFF' in Standard Edition Installation (Doc ID 459153.1)

Applies to:

Oracle OLAP - Version: 9.2 to 10.2
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Why are Oracle OLAP components listed in dba_registry as 'OPTION OFF'


The Oracle OLAP components are listed in a database instance as 'OPTION OFF' due to:

1- The Standard Edition of Oracle was installed.
2- The database instance was created using dbca.
3- When using dbca to create a database instance, Oracle OLAP is automatically included in all database selections, other than the 'Custom Database' selection.
4- Upon the initial creation all the OLAP Components will be listed as VALID when viewing the dba_registry.  NOTE: the version information in this example is only for example purposes.

SQL> col comp_name format a30
SQL> select comp_name, status, substr(version,1,10) as version from dba_registry where comp_name like '%OLAP%';

COMP_NAME                      STATUS      VERSION
------------------------------ ----------- ----------
OLAP Analytic Workspace        VALID
Oracle OLAP API                VALID
OLAP Catalog                   VALID

5- Once the database is upgraded, starting with, the STATUS will be returned as:

SQL> col comp_name format a30
SQL> select comp_name, status, substr(version,1,10) as version from
dba_registry where comp_name like '%OLAP%';

COMP_NAME                      STATUS      VERSION
------------------------------ ----------- ----------
OLAP Analytic Workspace        OPTION OFF
Oracle OLAP API                OPTION OFF
OLAP Catalog                   OPTION OFF

6- The return from the dba_registry indicating the Oracle OLAP components as 'OPTION OFF' indicates that the Oracle OLAP software option has not been installed and therefore the Oracle OLAP scripts are not present.

7- This is normal under these conditions and does not require Oracle OLAP to be removed from the instance as it is not usable and will not be looked at upon future patches or upgrades.


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