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Dream of America(10 days)-- (美国之梦) 我的美国旅行之见闻

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Preface:  Travelled in America for 10 days. I will record all my obseration and my feeling about America and post here and my Sina blog.

As usaual, I will post it day by day.

Let me begin from today.  As I couldn't access the Internet in first 5 days, and the travel schedule is so tough, thus I couldn't post the first 5 day's experience on the trip in time. but.. I will rewrite it one by one, day by day

OK, follow up me today!

 (美国之梦) 我的美国旅行之见闻

Dream of America(Day 1)-- Depart from HK to Newyork(离开深圳去纽约)

Dream of America(Day 2)-- Hug the Statue of Liberty(拥抱自由女神), Tour the Wallstreet(观阅华尔街)

Dream of America(Day 3)-- Visit Washiong D.C & Philadelphia

Dream of America(Day 4)-- On subway to Niagara Falls

Dream of America(Day 5)-- CLose body contact the Niagara Fallso

Dream of America(Day 6)-- Vistit Harvard and MIT 

Dream of America(Day 7)- From Boston to Newhamshire Nashua City (从波士顿到内色华州)

Dream of America(Day 8)- explore the Manhattan (探索曼哈顿)

Dream of America(Day 9/10)- Return to Hometown....(返回亲爱的祖国)

 Tips for America Hotel: No toothBrush, no comb, no slippler, only provide the soap and shampoo, please notes it


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