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Professional C# 2005 with .NET 3.0 下载

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Professional C# 2005 with .NET 3.0 下载地址:

"Professional C# 2005 with .NET 3.0 (Wrox Professional Guides)"
作者:Christian Nagel, Bill Evjen, Jay Glynn, Karli Watson, Morgan Skinner,
ISBN 0470124725 | PDF | 1748 页 | 40MB

Providing you with the ultimate guide to the C# language, this book will help you quickly write your own programs while also getting you up to speed on how the .NET architecture works. It not only covers the fundamentals of C# but presents numerous examples of applications that use a variety of related technologies, including database access, advanced graphics, and directory access.
You'll first find a comprehensive tutorial that takes you through C# 2005 and the .NET 3.0 Framework, enabling you to begin writing managed code. Next you'll explore the vast .NET class library and discover how to use C# to solve various tasks. You'll then see how to utilize Visual Studio® 2005 to create applications based on .NET. And you'll gain the skills needed to build Windows Forms, Windows Services, web pages, and more.

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