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SSAS Best practice: Clear the cache when doing MDX scripting

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This was taught to me by bitter experience.
When developing your MDX scripts empty the SSAS cache and test the cube after each script. block. By script. block I mean each SCOPE or CREATE MEMBER/SET statement. I just spent 6 hours backtracking my script. to isolate a strange bug effectively shutting down the SSAS service every time I queried the cube (the offending script. segment was a aggregate([dimension member], [measure]) statement that I changed into a ([dimension member], [measure]) statement). So from now on I:
  • Add my script. block
  • Run the following XMLA through a XMLA query window (from sql server mngmt studio) to clear the cache:

<ClearCache xmlns="">
DatabaseID>Your SSAS database nameDatabaseID>

  •  Put all measures up on columns in BIDS "browse cube" window (or reconnect if they already are there) and various combinations of dimensions affected by the script. block on rows.
  • Verify that my cube doesnt a) crash and b) returns results within an acceptable timespan before adding the next script. block.

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