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oracle client install instruction

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Oracle Client Installation Instructions

Download and Unzip the Oracle Client software from:

If you are using Windows Vista, use this file:

1.      Download the file listed above that is correct for your operating system.

2.      Unzip the file once it has finished downloading.

3.      Run setup.exe from within the client folder of the unzipped file.

4.      Choose to install Administrator version.

5.      Keep choosing 'Next' until the install page, where you press 'Install' which will start the installation of the client S/W.

6.      After Installation a screen will appear with an empty check box for 'PERFORM. TYPICAL CONFIGURATION.' DON'T select the option. Press next and proceed.

7.      Select 'Local Naming' from the list on the Right. Press next.

8.      Type 'XE' in the Service Name field. Press next.

9.      Select 'TCP' from among the options. Press next.

10.   Type ‘’ in the 'Host Name' field (retain default 'USE STANDARD PORT' option).

11.   Select 'YES, Perform. TEST' and perform. the test. The test WILL FAIL.

12.   Click 'Change Login.' And enter the correct RIX Username and Password that was assigned to you for access to RIX.

13.   This time, you should get a success message.

14.   Once you get the success message, press 'Next' to get to the next page.

15.   Once in the next page select 'NO-I don't want to configure another Net Service.'

16.   Press Finish.

17.   Exit the installation.

  1. Save the file to your computer in this location: C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\client_1\NETWORK\ADMIN





Error: ORA12638 Credential Retrieval Failed (when attempting to logon)

Solution1: Restart computer, then logon (Note: This is a temporary solution).

Solution2: Open the file: C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\client_1\NETWORK\ADMIN\sqlnet.ora, and edit the syntax line SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES = (NTS) to SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES = (NONE). Then logon (Note: This solution is permanent).

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