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Salesforce Designing a Solution

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Challenge: - Weak Pipeline
                     - Lack of trust in marketing's leads
Solution: - Lead scoring.
                 - Lead workflow and alerts.

Challenge: - Low sales rep productivity
Solution: - Lessen the sales rep's data entry burden.
                 - Automate business processes
               - Give sales reps 360' views of their customers.

Challenge: - Poor predictability
Solution: - Enable real-time visibility into quota attainment.
                 - Give management real-time forecasts.

Challenge: - Ineffective selling
Solution:     - Standardize a selling methodology
                    - Simplify activity tracking

Challenge: - User adoption
Solution:    - Be easy-to-use.
                   - Give time back and value to sales and marketing.
                   - Keep data clean, hence trust-worthy.

Challenge: - Insufficient lead generation
Solution:     - Optimize lead generation, management, and handoff.
                     - Leverage search and email marketing partners for cost-effectiveness.

Challenge: - Poor alignment between marketing and sales
Solution:    - Align with both marketing and sales business processes.
                    - Exhibit marketing's contribution to sales.

Challenge: - Limited reportability
Solution:   - Enable real-time visibility into campaign effectiveness, lead generation, and the marketing budget.


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