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partial delivery and item level

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关于允许做partial delivery的控制在customer-material info record里。

n    The indicator for controlling complete/partial deliveries is proposed from the customer master record. The proposal for the item level comes from the customer-material info, if a customer and material agreement has been maintained there. These indicators can be manually changed during sales order entry.

n    The customer may require, for example, a complete delivery which means that all the items in the sales order should be delivered together.  If the customer agrees to a partial delivery, the order can be met in several deliveries.

n    If you choose "Complete delivery", you can determine that all the items in a whole order must be delivered together. At item level, you can also decide whether you can split the delivery quantities.

n    The following partial delivery agreements exist:

Ÿ    _    Partial delivery permitted

Ÿ    A    Enter a delivery with quantity not equal to 0

Ÿ    B    Only create a delivery (also with quantity = 0)

Ÿ    C    Only complete delivery can be carried out

Ÿ    D    Preferred subsequent delivery
partial delivery,SAP

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