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1. sales organization 与Sales Office 的区别及作用?


Sales Organization: A sales organization is an organizational unit that sells and distributes products, negotiates terms of sale, and is responsible for these transactions.

Sales Office; Geographical aspects of the organization in business development and sales are  defined using the term “sales office.” A sales office is in turn assigned to a sales area.

上面分别是它们的定义,  sales organization是在company code底下的一个销售单元, ,他与distribution channel和division一起构成sales area.

而sales office是optional的, 他只是属于sale organization internal的一个元素. internal organizational structure 包括: sales office, sales group, salesperson.


2.Business area 与 Sales area 的区别及作用?

[Rick] 就我个人理解, business area在sap里面是没有这样的一个组织的. 他只是一个general的说法. 而sales area是sap里面的一个概念, 下面是描述的概念.

A sales area is compiled of the following data: a sales organization, a istribution channel, a division. A sales area may be used for reporting purposes; all data relevant for sales can be defined by a sales area. For example, you can define pricing according to a sales area or do your sales information analyses per a sales area.


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