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Repeat Tablix Row Header on each page

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Getting SSRS 2008 to repeat the Tablix header is not a straight forward setting and requires some additional steps to do so.

This used to be very simple thing till SSRS 2005, there basically we just used to right click on the Table, select the check box “Repeat header rows on each page” and we are done.


We need to take some additional steps to make this working in SSRS 2008 and the primary reason is the Table structure has been changed in SSRS 2008. Now we have “Tablix” in place of “Table” which is the combination of Table and Matrix.

Here are the steps needed to make sure Tablix Row header is shown is each page.

1. Even though the Tablix has Row/Column header properties in the property pane but this does not work especially when the row grouping is used in Tablix.

2. In order to make sure that the Tablix row header is repeated in each page, we need to go the Advance Mode settings of Tablix.

In the bottom of Report Designer-->Under Groupng Pane-->Column Group-->Click on Advance Mode

3. In the Row Groups pane, click the static member of the row you need to repeat.

4. When we select the Static Member, the corresponding cell in the Tablix will be selected. If this confirms the cell which needs to be repeated, go to the properties of this Static Member.

5. Set the KeepWithGroup property

a) For a Static row that is above a group, select “After

b) For a Static row that is below the group, select “Before” if the Static Row is below the Group.

6. The last thing would be to set the RepeatOnNewPage property “True


To get the Properties Panel, use F4 shortcut.

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