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Job Proxy management in running SSIS package job

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In my project, I ceate an SSAS project and i need to find a way to periodically process the cubes automatically. 
The idea is that at first creating an SSIS package aiming at processing the cubes. 
Then creat a SQL Server agent job to run the SSIS package, further more, tto schedule the  job and run the SSIS package periodically. 
Since it needs to bypass the security layer in SQL SERVER, the job agent account is needed. 
Therefore, three important thing:
  •  Create one new ‘credential’ 
  •   Create one new proxy agent account
  • .  Add job based on the new created  proxy agent account
It works fine. 
However, since the proxy agent account is created on 'domain\windowsAccount', in the case of the change of the password for the 'domain\WindowsAccount', it doesn't work any more. 
The solution is modifying the proxy agent account with the new passowrd and bind the job with the proxy agent. 
It works again :) 
The code are as following :

Use master

CREATE CREDENTIAL [JobProcessCredential] WITH IDENTITY = 'domain\windowsAccount', secret = '**********'


USE msdb ;


EXEC dbo.sp_add_proxy

@proxy_name = 'JobProcessProxy',

    @enabled = 1,

    @credential_name = 'JobProcessCredential' ;


EXEC dbo.sp_grant_proxy_to_subsystem

    @proxy_name = N'JobProcessProxy',

    @subsystem_name = N'ssis' ;



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