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Oracle9i Database Utilities:SQL*Loader

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Oracle9i Database Utilities
Release 2 (9.2)

Part Number A96652-01
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Part II

The chapters in this section describe the SQL*Loader utility:

Chapter 3, "SQL*Loader Concepts"

This chapter introduces SQL*Loader and describes its features. It also introduces data loading concepts (including object support). It discusses input to SQL*Loader, database preparation, and output from SQL*Loader.

Chapter 4, "SQL*Loader Command-Line Reference"

This chapter describes the command-line syntax used by SQL*Loader. It discusses command-line arguments, suppressing SQL*Loader messages, sizing the bind array, and more.

Chapter 5, "SQL*Loader Control File Reference"

This chapter describes the control file syntax you use to configure SQL*Loader and to describe to SQL*Loader how to map your data to Oracle format. It provides detailed syntax diagrams and information about specifying datafiles, tables and columns, the location of data, the type and format of data to be loaded, and more.

Chapter 6, "Field List Reference"

This chapter describes the field list section of a SQL*Loader control file. The field list provides information about fields being loaded, such as position, datatype, conditions, and delimiters.

Chapter 7, "Loading Objects, LOBs, and Collections"

This chapter describes how to load objects in various formats, as well as loading object tables and REF columns. This chapter also discusses loading LOBs and columns.

Chapter 8, "SQL*Loader Log File Reference"

This chapter describes the information contained in SQL*Loader log file output.

Chapter 9, "Conventional and Direct Path Loads"

This chapter describes the differences between a conventional path load and a direct path load. A direct path load is a high-performance option that significantly reduces the time required to load large quantities of data.

Chapter 10, "SQL*Loader Case Studies"

This chapter presents case studies that illustrate some of the features of SQL*Loader. It demonstrates the loading of variable-length data, fixed-format records, a free-format file, multiple physical records as one logical record, multiple tables, direct path loads, and loading objects, collections, and REF columns.


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