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Oracle Enterprise Manager Messages Manual Release 9.2.0

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1 Interpreting Error Messages

Sorting Oracle Enterprise Manager Messages Message Prefixes Other Oracle Message Prefixes Contacting Oracle Support Services

2 Software Developer Kit (SDK) Messages

EmSDK-1000 to EmSDK-1999 Messages

3 Oracle Trace Messages

EPC-00020 to EPC-00352 Messages EPCW-00001 to EPCW-01022 Client Messages

4 Agent Messages

NMS-00000 to NMS-00050: Agent Configuration and Startup NMS-00051 to NMS-00075: Agent Logging Messages NMS-00200 to NMS-00250: Database Subagent NMS-00250 to NMS-00275: Subagent Logging Messages NMS-00301 to NMS-00350: Agent Operation Messages NMS-00351 to NMS-00360: Encryption of Agent Files NMS-00361 to NMS-00370: Unsolicited Event Executable NMS-00600 to NMS-00799: Jobs and Events NMS-00900 to NMS-00999: Agent Logging Messages NMS-01000 to NMS-01099: Agent Error Messages NMS-01200 to NMS-01999: Internal Agent Error Messages NMS-05000 to NMS-05999 Agent Errors of the Console

5 Oracle Management Object Messages

OMO-1000 to OMO-1999 Messages

6 Oracle Data Collection Service Messages (Second Tier)

ODG-05001 to ODG-05843 Messages

7 Spatial Index Analyzer Messages

SDOA-2000 to SDOA-2499 Messages SDOX-6000 to SDOX-6499 Messages

8 Oracle Enterprise Manager Framework Messages

VDE-1000 to VDE- 1999 Messages VDI-0000 to VDI-0499 Messages VDN-4500 to VDN-4999 Messages VDOUS-00101 to VDOUS-00115 Messages VDR-7000 to VDR-7499 Messages VDU-6000 to VDU-6499 Messages

9 Index Tuning Wizard Messages

VDKBITW-1000 to VDKBITW-1008: Messages

10 Oracle Management Pack for SAP R/3 Error Messages

VIS-09001 to VIS-09016 Error Messages

11 Oracle Top Sessions Messages

VMS-00001 to VMS-00004: Critical Error Messages VMS-01000 to VMS-01016: Not-So-Critical Error Messages VMS-02000 to VMS-02009: Informational Messages

12 Agent Gateway Messages

VNI-2000 to VNI-4999 Messages

13 Console Messages

VTC-1000 to VTC-1127: Generic Console Messages VTCE-1232 to VTCE-1237: Event Management Messages VTCV-1343 to VTCV-1344: User Manager Component Messages VTCX-1337 to VTCX-1350: Job and Event Management Messages VTCDW-1000 to VTCDW-5999 Messages

14 Oracle Data Collection Service Messages (Client Tier)

VTD-0001 to VTD-0114 Messages

15 Oracle Management Server Messages (Client Tier)

VTK-1000 to VTK-1999 Messages

16 Oracle Performance Manager Messages

VTM-0001 to VTM-6903 Messages

17 Oracle Capacity Planner Messages

VTP-0001 to VTP-0154 Messages

18 Change Management Pack Command Line Interface Messages

VTZCLI-0000 to VTZCLI-2022 Messages

19 Oracle Management Server Messages

VXA-1000 to VXA-2999 Messages

20 Naming Service Messages

VXN-1000 to VXN-1999 Messages


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