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SAP Tips and Tricks

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Command Line “OK-Codes”


Direct call of transactions, session handling:

  • This terminates the current transaction, and call transaction “xxxx”, for example, “sa38″ for reporting.


  • This terminates the transaction. This generally corresponds to going back with F15.


  • This terminates all separate sessions and logs off (corresponds to “System -> Log off”).


  • This terminates all separate sessions and logs off immediately (without any warning).


  • This opens a new session and starts transaction xxxx in this session.


  • This lists existing sessions and allows deletion or opening of a new session.


  • This terminates the current session (corresponds to “System -> End session”).

/i1  ,  /i2  ,…

  • This terminates the session with the specified number.


  • “Fast path”: “xyzw” refers to the underlined letters in the menus. This type of navigation is uncommon and is provided more for emergencies (such as a defective mouse).

Background input:

The following commands can be entered in correction mode (“Process in foreground” or “Display errors only”) when processing a background input session:

  • This terminates the current background input transaction and characterizes it as “Failed”.


  • This deletes the current background input transaction.


  • This terminates background input processing and sets the session to “Failed”.


  • This switches from “Display errors only” to “Process in foreground”.


  • This switches from “Process in foreground” to “Display errors only”.

ABAP/4 debugging:

  • This switches into debugging mode.


  • This switches into debugging mode and activates the debugging of system functions.

Buffer commands:

WARNING: Resetting buffers can significantly impact on the performance of the entire system for a long time. It should therefore be executed only in well-founded cases. As of Release 3.0B, system administator authorization is required (authorization object S_ADMI_FCD). The action is noted in the system log.

  • This resets all buffers of the application server.


  • This resets the CUA buffers of the application server.


  • This resets the table buffers of the application server.


  • This resets the nametab buffers of the application server.


  • This resets the screen buffers of the application server.

Out-of-date commands:

From the menu system:
Calls transaction Pxxx.

If an ABAP list is displayed:
Send command Pxxx to the list processor (for example, P+, P–, PRI, and so on)

From a transaction screen:
Send command Pxxx to this transaction
xyyy (where x is not ‘P’, ‘/’, ‘=’ or ‘.’) )

From the menu system:
Calls transaction xyyy

Within a transaction:
Send command xyyy to this transaction

  • Calls transaction xxxx and branches to the next screen. So, it has the same effect as /nxxxx followed by ENTER.


  • This entry is still possible for compatibility reasons, but is no longer supported.


  • Searches for a string in lists (like “System -> List -> Find String”)


  • Downloads lists


  • Prints lists


  • Displays the status dialog (such as “System -> Status…) )


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