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Some notes for 14330-1

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UNIT ONE The Teamcenter Engineering User Interface

1.What is PDM?
Teamcenter Engineering is a Product Data Management (PDM) system. PDM
is a tool that helps manage all the processes, applications, and information
required to design, manufacture, and support a product throughout its life
The goal of a PDM system is to provide a single, common interface for
managing and accessing all data within an organization.
PDM systems interface with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
With PDM, ERP systems and the web interface, you have all the ingredients
for a true collaborative environment.
PDM benefits
Benefits of using the Teamcenter Engineering PDM system include:
• Reduces duplicate data which reduces storage requirements.
• Simplifies finding data and distributing data to those who need it.
• Allows quick, lightweight viewing of models. This is especially useful for
verification when reviewing changes.
• Providesrevision control and assurance of latest data.
• Manages assemblies and relationships between parts.
• Easily builds and modifies Bills of Material (BOM).
• Maintains history of a product’s development evolution.
• Establishes relationships between requirements, specifications, and parts.
• Provides access control and vaulting to assure integrity of data.

2.You can also use the User Settings dialog box to change your login

3.It is a good practice to leave the Object and Type columns as the first
and second columns in the properties table.

4.When deleting a folder, the contents of the folder are not deleted.
The folder contents remain in the database and can be located and
retrieved using the Search feature in My Navigator.

5.Use an asterisk (*) to replace a string of any length. Use a question mark (?) to replace
one character.(search)

6.Right-click on the search results tab and choose Rename. The Rename dialog
box appears.

7.Display Data
The Display Data tab becomes active upon successful execution of a query.
Properties of the objects in the search results can be viewed in the Display
Data tab using the Property Format Finder (PFF). To display selected
properties of the search results data, click the Display Data tab and select the
property to view from the Select Property Formatter menu.
Property Format Finders are also used in generating reports. The procedure
for defining a PFF is taught in the Teamcenter Engineering Application
Administration course.
TheDisplay Data tab can be used to view selected properties data for
the objects in the search results.

8.The distinction is subtle but very important. Several folders can contain
references to the same object, however, that object is only stored once in the
Teamcenter Engineering database.
Therefore, these folders provide pointers to the same product information and
allow product information to be shared throughout your enterprise without
having to make multiple physical copies of the data.

9.These commands affect only the references to objects stored in the
database; they do not cut, copy and paste actual objects.

10.To actually delete an object from the database, use the Delete

11.ToggleonAppend to add the selected objects to the clipboard contents.
The existing objects in the Clipboard are retained.
The Append toggle is located on the clipboard menu. The
clipboard menu can be accessed by right-clicking the Clipboard
button when the clipboard contains one or more objects.

12.To highlight multiple objects, you can hold down the Shift key
to select objects in a range or the Ctrl key to select objects in a
discontinuous range.

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