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Basic need


Everyday Expressions

n. 玻璃

A mirror is made of glass.

n. 玻璃杯

I drink a glass of milk every day!

饮料杯 --- a beverage glass

啤酒杯 --- a beer glass (or a jar mug)

雪利酒杯 --- a sherry glass

威士忌酒杯 --- a whisky glass

白兰地酒杯 --- a Brandy glass (or snifter)

红葡萄酒酒杯 --- a wine glass

n. 眼镜 (pl) (也为 spectackes)

In two weeks, I broke three pairs of glasses! Can you believe it?

墨镜 --- sun glasses

花镜 --- reading glasses

度数深的眼镜 --- strong glasses

隐形眼镜 --- contact lenses

近视镜 --- glasses for near-sighted persons (在英语中没有确切的近视镜或远视镜的表达法。

e.g.     A: I wear glasses.

B: Why?

A: cause I am near-sighted.


glassful (一杯的容量);

glassy (像玻璃那样的);

glaze (v. 给…镶嵌玻璃/给某物覆盖上薄而亮的表面) glazed tile琉璃瓦


glass house (温室);

glassware (总称:玻璃器皿); hardware 五金

glassworks (玻璃制造厂);

常见搭配 Useful Phrases

梳妆小镜(妇女手提包中) --- a vanity glass

斟满一杯 --- to fill up a glass

碰杯(祝酒) --- to touch glasses

生活用语 Street Talks

A: Could I have a glass of water please?

B: Sure, make yourself at home.

A: Id like to raise my glass to our host! (干杯)

B: Cheers.

A: Take another glass, everybody. (再喝一杯; or take another drink)

B: Lets drain the glass to the bottom. (让我们一饮而尽。Or Bottoms up!)

A: Please pour this milk into that glass.

B: Ok. My pleasure.

电影对白 Transcripts

句型 It means seeing life through rose colored glasses. 《情归巴黎》

I could probably scare us up some champagne a couple of Dixie cups, Im through with glasses. 《情归巴黎》

If youre having trouble sleeping you might want to try to drink a glass of water from the other side. 《西雅图夜未眠》

谚语 Proverbs

Women and glass are always in danger. 女人和玻璃,总在危险中。




Basic need


Everyday Expressions

n. 毛发(不可数)

My hair used to be very long.

n. (人或物)毛发(指单根)(可数)

Theres a hair in my soup.


hairy (多毛的);

hairless (无毛发的)


hairbrush (发刷);

hairpin (发夹);

haircut (理发);

hair oil (发油);

hairdo (发式;the style. or manner of arranging or combing);

hairstyle. (发型;the design of coiffure);

hairdresser (美发师);

hairdryer (吹风机)

常见搭配 Useful Phrases

梳头 --- to brush/ comb hair

做头发 --- to set/ do ones hair

吹干头发 --- to blow-dry hair

卷烫头发 --- to curl hair

留长发 --- to wear/ keep ones hair long

习语与俗语 Idioms & Slangs

make hair stand on end --- 毛骨悚然

tear out ones hair --- 气恼,焦急

get grey hair from --- 发愁;被什么…把头发弄白

by a hairs breath --- 以极短的数量/极短的距离

get in sbs hair --- 给某人惹麻烦

hang by a hair --- 千钧一发

生活用语 Street Talks

A: I wish I hadnt married Harry.

B: Why? A: Well, hes always getting in my hair. (惹恼某人)

A: I have been fearing my hair out over this math problem.

B: Dont worry about it,its no big deal.

A: My daughter gets me grey hair. She does drug a lot; sleeps with many men.

B: A typical fallen angel.

When I heard the strange cry, my hair stood on end.

电影对白 Transcripts

句型 I make sure he combs his hair and brushes his teeth everyday. 《阿甘正传》

I dont care what she did to her hair. 《情归巴黎》

In twisted braids of lilies knitting the loose train of thine amber dropping hair. 《情归 巴黎》




Basic need


Everyday Expressions

n. 心,心脏

His heart stopped heating and he died soon afternards

n. 勇气

I want to argue with my boss, but I didnt have the heart.

n. 关键,中心部位

Your article doesnt touch on the heart of the subject.

n. 内心、心灵 He has a kind heart.


heartless (无情的);

hearten (v.鼓动;振奋);

heartening (adj.令人振奋的)


heartbroken (心碎的);

heart-warming (温馨感人的);

heartache (心痛,悲叹);

wholehearted (全心全意的);

heartattack (心脏病发作);

heartbeat (心搏);          

heart-failure (心力衰竭);

heart land (中心地带);

heart-to-heart (谈心)

常见搭配 Useful Phrases

市中心 () --- the heart of the city (or hotspot)

全心全意的 --- heart and soul

冷心肠/热心肠 --- cold-hearted/warm-hearted

灰心泄气 --- to lose heart

使人心碎 --- to break ones heart

习语与俗语Idioms & Slangs

Follow your heart. --- 跟着感觉走。

be after ones own heart --- 正合己意

have a heart of gold --- 心地善良

have a heart of stone --- 铁石心肠

from the bottom of ones heart --- 打心眼里

have ones heart in ones mouth --- 非常惊恐

生活用语 Street Talks

A: Leo is a good-natured man at heart. (从根本上、内在的)

B: Thats why it came home to my heart. (那感动了我)

A: Frankly, Im jealous of you. I wish I could marry a man of heart like your husband. (心肠 好的人)

B: You will.

A: Do you really want this job?

B: From the bottom of heart (确实很愿意;or deep down)

A: You were speeding. I have to give you a ticket.

B: Have a heart, officer.  I wasnt going all that fast. (发发善心吧)

A: Im sorry to hear about your Dads accident. Hows your mom?

B: Mom broke her heart over his death.

My heart skips a beat when he kisses me.

电影对白 Transcripts

句型 Ill just grow a new heart. 《西雅图夜未眠》

He had himself a heart attack or something. 《阿甘正传》

对话 Sabrina: Well, that youre the worlds only living heart donor.

Linus: Oh, that.

谚语 Proverbs

What comes from the heart goes to the heart.肺腑之言感人心。

The heart of a fool is in his mouth but the mouth of a wise man is in his heart. 愚者的心长在嘴里,智者的嘴长在心里。

Hearts may agree, though heads differ.见解纵不同,感情可一致。




Basic need


Everyday Expressions


I made my home in the country. (我搬到乡下住了。)

n. 产地

India is the home of tigers.

n. 住宅

I hope to set up my own little home.

adv. 回家;在家

I went home to my mother.


homeless (无家的);   refugee难民

homeward (归途的);

homely (相貌平平的,朴素的)


homesick (想家的);

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