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Communication is essential and uneasy; for it has important impacts of quality relationships with others. It is something that everybody has, but not everyone manage to master it successfully.

Remembered during babies’ time,             
parents have to use different methods
to communicate with them; and babies                        
often respond their parents with crying       
or making baby sounds to express their
feelings or intentions.

Time passes by; it’s time for kindergarten,
which means there are more contacts with
other little kids. Those know how to
communicate able to meet new friends easily.
When there are times teachers teach little
kids how to sing songs, children all gather
together to follow, but the one who doesn’t
know how to communicate just sits there quietly.

Middle school year arrives.
Those classmates know how to communicate
always chitchat nonstop. The one doesn’t
know how to communicate well often sits
in front, quietly sits there and listen.
Maybe because she hasn’t meet a friend
that she can communicate with yet.

Not much longer, high school is here.
A mixture of new and old faces,
they still continuously chitchat nonstop.
The one who still doesn’t know how to
communicate and wasn’t able to get into
the crowd still lingering by herself from
 here and there. She feels that she is
astray in the middle of no where,
where there is no way out.

College time comes;
the one who doesn’t know how to
communicate still sits aside.
With limited knowledge of how to
handle certain things appropriately
as well as treat others, sometimes
maybe even offended others
without realizes it. At last,
 she was fortune enough to meet
someone like him. He treats others
with kindness; unquestionably, there
are so many goods in him. Because of him,
she has learned much, and she strongly
believes that she cannot lose someone
like him in her life.

After she gets to know him,
she slowly began to learn how
to communicate with others. The
world without communication finally
comes to an end. She sees life full of
colors; she doesn’t take jokes seriously
anymore. She slowly began to accept funny
jokes, and even creates some of her own.
However, slowly she starts to confuse the
way he talks, the truth within his words.
She cannot tell if they are real or jokes,
especially when they are the same jokes.
She cannot tell the differences anymore.

The person doesn’t know how to
communicate indeed have friends,
by having them in her life are blessings.
But after seeing him continuously accommodate
 others, again and again to understand,
forgive and plan things for them,
yet often others misunderstood him
with no reasons, which got her think.
Every time seeing his tiredness and
know how much he has given,
she has mix feelings for him.
The circle rotates back,
she starts to see…...

She doesn’t know how to communicate well,
so she continues to stay at her own space,
with no communication to others except to him.
No matter what, she’s very grateful to him, for
he appears in one chapter of her life.

Unexpectedly, she has changed her major to communication. Others had no idea where she got her inspirations from, but they were truly glad she steps up for herself. People do change due to certain circumstances or encounter different influential beings. They believe she will be successful in this field, because she once said, “God helps those who help themselves”.

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