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ORA-00308: cannot open archived log - BUG

原创 Linux操作系统 作者:rocky_gao 时间:2011-07-29 23:22:40 0 删除 编辑
< 518:ORA-00308: cannot open archived log '/arch_log1/CDWQ/CDWQ_1_907600_574942170.dbf'
< 519:ORA-27041: unable to open file

Oracle Alert Log Is Reporting Archive Log Status Is Not Available For Logs That Have Long Been Backed Up [ID 1161573.1]


Per unpublished bug 9207154: GET ORA-00308 ORA-27037 ATTEMPTING TO ACCESS VERY OLD ARCHIVE LOG.

Prior to 11g certain errors that would not normally be reported such as "ORA-8103: object no longer exists" would result in redo from the all the online redo logs being scanned. From 11.1 onwards Oracle now potentially scans the past 12 hours of redo, and that can mean looking at archived logs too.

The fact that in 11.1 the diagnostic redo scans/dumps potentially search for the past 12 hours of redo and if the redo dump tries to access an archived log that has been deleted then ORA-27037 and ORA-308 are raised, and caught and handled internally, but in the alert log, this is effectively publicizing the internally handled exception conditions, and could be confusing to the DBA viewing the alert log.


This process was changed via patch for Bug 8825048: 11.1 - DUMPING DIAGNOSTIC INFO FOR ORA-8103 RESULTS IN ORA-308 which is fixed in:

* (Patch Set Update)
* (Base Release)

A workaround would be to not remove archive logs from the system unless they are older than 12 hours.

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