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Write-ups are used for correction of depreciation values calculated in

the past (closed fiscal years). It is not possible to post write-ups to

assets that have been acquired within the current year. If you attempt

this, you will receive error AA402. Please review the R/3 Library

documentation for further information. The documentation describes the

procedure for write-ups as well as the two situations where write-ups

can be used.

A write-up is generally understood to be a later change to the valuation

of an asset. This change can take different forms, depending on the

reasons for the change. A write up can only be posted, if there are

accumulated values on an asset, it means the posting of a write up

corrects the depreciation from the past.

For example - The value adjustments (depreciation) that you calculated

in the past were too high. You must now correct this error using a

write-up in the current fiscal year. You can only post a write up, if an

asset has accumulated values.

But again the write-up functionality is designed to change prior year

asset not current year acquired ones.

If manual changes are necessary it may be possible for you to use

transactions ABMA - Manual depreciation or ABAA - Unplanned depreciation

to correct the depreciation amount.

Open the new fisical year and do the write-up from the previous fisical year



If want to post a negative unplanned value. Copy 640/650 to a zXX transaction type and set debit posting.

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