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Enable Asset Area in F-02/FB01

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This especially when you want to create asset with different APC value among through all the DAs


During the entry of a posting on fixed asset by means of the FI transactions (FB01 or one of the derivatives), there is the option to enter values for each depreciation area of the fixed asset. In this case, contrary to the usual system behavior, gross values are displayed during the entry (therefore including taxes and possible deductable cash discounts). If you change values for an area in this view, you must however enter net amounts, since the system cannot carry out a tax or cash discount calculation for values changed manually. However, the unchanged values are converted to net during the simulation / posting. T his system response may especially be confusing if a deviating capitalization amount is to be assessed on the basis of the values in the master area. If the non-transparent behavior of gross and net values is not known, this results in incorrect postings.

Other Terms

FB01, gross, fixed asset, cash discount, net

Reason and Prerequisites

This is due to the system design / lacking function.


It is technically not possible to display net amounts already during the entry. It is also not possible to correct manually changed amounts in the areas of taxes and cash discount.

Therefore, the function is changed as follows with ERP2005:
On the dialog box for depreciation areas, changes of the values are no longer allowed. The dialog box then only has an informative function, providing the gross values before and the net values after the document simulation. For alternative amounts for each depreciation area, a separate document with a correspondingly limited transaction type must therefore be entered for the fixed asset. This procedure is generally recommended anyways, since only so it is transparent for which reason an alternative amount was entered and the document and value flow is therefore more comprehensible.

Nevertheless, if you want to keep the old function, use SM31 to create the SET/GET parameter FAA_FB01_AREA_SWITCH in the TPARA table and provide it with the value 'X' for the corresponding users using the user maintenance Transaction SU2. In this case, it is assumed that the respective user is aware of the restrictions concerning gross/net display.

For all previous releases, this note can be implemented as an advance correction. A standard delivery cannot occur because of compatibility grant.

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