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how to create the dbms_java package

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 if you create a set of scripts using the dbca then there should be one
looking basically like this:


Ok, this is for 10g, but I think it was pretty similar for 9i.

After these scripts have run (connect / as sysdba and have the DB for
yourself without users logged in) you should have the dbms_java package.
You can check that with the sqlplus describe command.

Don't forget to set java_pool_size and (I think) large_pool_size to
something like 150M each during installation. Also bounce the instance
after installation and run ?/rdbms/admin/utlrp.
The scripts you have to run as sys for oracle 9.2 are:

As Paul says you have to increase the java_pool_size (one of the
scripts hangs if it is small).
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