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使用agentDownload脚本在Windows平台安装Management Agent

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Table 6-3 AgentDownload Script. Options

Option Description


To specify base directory of the Agent Oracle home.


To specify the cluster nodes (CLUSTER_NODES)

Note that there should not be any spaces between the entries in the comma-separated nodes list.


Do not automatically discover targets during installation. Host target will be created as needed.


To display and describe the options that can be used with this script.


To specify the inventory pointer location file: Can be used to point the installer to a nondefault inventory. (For advanced users only.)


To specify as local host (pass -local to runInstaller)


To specify the Oracle Management Service host name for downloading the agent install.


To specify the cluster name.


To specify the OLD_ORACLE_HOME during upgrade


To specify static port list file.


To specify the port for connecting to the Oracle Management Service host name.


Do not automatically start the agent at the end of the installation.


To upgrade.


To debug output: Turns on shell debugging.


Do not prompt for Agent Registration Password.

To obtain agentdownload for Windows:

Follow the instructions below, to download the agent installation software for Windows:

  1. Download the file from OTN:
  2. Copy the downloaded file to the /sysman/agent_download/ directory.


    Create the /sysman/agent_download/ directory, if it does not exist.
  3. Go to this directory by executing the following:

    cd /sysman/agent_download/

    When you are here, confirm that the size and checksum calculation of the downloaded file match the information specified on the OTN download page.

  4. Unzip this file by executing the following:

  5. After unzipping, the agentdownload.vbs will be available at /sysman/agent_download/

  6. Download the agentDownload.vbs by using cp, rcp, scp, FTP, or wget utility on the machine where you want to install the Management Agent.


    To download agentDownload script. using wget utility, ensure that the wget utility exists on the Windows path variable


    Before executing the agentDownload.vbs script, ensure Windows Script. Host version 5.6 is installed on the target agent host. This is required for the script. to be executed successfully.
  7. Run agentDownload.vbs by executing the following:

    cscript.exe agentDownload.vbs -b /oracle/agentinstall -m -r 4889

    For clusters, use the following command:

    cscript.exe agentdownload.vbs - b /oracle/agentinstall -m -r 4889 -c "host1,host2,host3" -n myCRS -l

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