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Software QA and Testing Resources

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Top Resources - Comprehensive software testing resource site associated with 'Better Software' Magazine, with articles, news, information on software testing and quality engineering, books, tools, conferences, message boards.

Cem Kaner's software testing site - Cem Kaner's site contains a large selection of his articles about software testing, legal issues, test management, and more (see the 'Publications' section of the site). Also see his '' website, a consumer and legal-issues orientation to software quality issues.

TestingStuff - Site that aggregates a wide variety of software testing information including info on testing conferences, associations, training, services, and collections of links to other resources; maintained by Kerry Zallar.

IT Metrics and Productivity Institute Archives - Large collection of software engineering articles by various authors; most of the articles are related to software QA; site maintained by Computer Aid, Inc. Articles cover such subjects as project management, process, metrics, estimation, software maintenance, IT governance, etc.

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