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Web Site Testing Checklist

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? Does the user constantly have to scroll to the right to see items in a table?
? Do tables print out properly?
? Are the columns wide enough or does every row have to wrap around?
? Are certain rows excessively high because of one entry?


? Does your Web site handle browsers that do not support frames?
? Do frames resize automatically and appropriately? Is the user able to manipulate frame size?
? Does a scrollbar appear if required?
? On framed pages have you verified that what is actually recognized by the Bookmark or Favorites is appropriate? ? Can a search engine find content within the frames?
? Do the frame borders look right?
? Are there any issues related to refreshing within frames?

Data Verification

? Is the site's intended use of data clearly depicted to the user?
? Is the Privacy Policy clearly defined and available for user access?
? Is the accuracy of stored data sustained?
? Has data been verified at the workstation?
? Has data been verified at the server?
? Have you ensured that what the user is entering on the workstation is yielding the right information on the server?
? Are you prevented from entering the same information multiple times (order forms, free samples, etc.)?
? Is a unique identifier assigned to each user entering form data?
? Is data that is requested of the user essential to the process for which it is requested? For example do you need a user's date of birth in order to process his book order or are you simply asking for too much user information?
? Can text be entered in numeric fields?
? Can wildcards be used in searches?
? Can spaces and blank values be entered in fields?
? Are long strings accepted?
? Do fields allow for the maximum amount of text to be entered?
? Are the initial values of checkboxes and radio buttons correct?
? Are you restricted to only selecting one radio button in a group at one time?
? Do check boxes trigger the desired event?
? Are users prevented from entering HTML code in form fields?
? Is intelligent error handling built into your data verification? IE. If Date of Birth is a required field MM/DD/YYYY, it is unlikely that the person entering the data was born in 1857.

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