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Five Minutes Ahead of the Boot - testing and QA

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Fiona Charles was a tester. After six years of testing for her company, she followed a path to which many testers aspire--she graduated into Quality Assurance (QA). Finally, she got to help prevent bugs, instead of only being able to point them out after a mistake had already been made. By the way, when I say "QA" here, I mean assessing processes and influencing people to improve their processes, rather than the more common usage, which is simply a synonym for "testing."

But Fiona's story doesn't stop there. After doing QA work for a few years, the senior managers who supported her work left the company, and the new managers did not share their appreciation for QA. Schedule pressures caused the processes that everyone had agreed to follow to be thrown out the window. People said that QA was getting in the way. Fiona says she left the company probably five minutes before they would have booted her out. It was such a painful experience that now she avoids QA roles as much as she possibly can.

When Fiona told me her story, I was amazed how similar it was to my own QA story. When I cut my teeth as a tester, I got the impression that testers should naturally move on to a QA role after they're good enough. So when I got frustrated with finding bugs and became convinced that preventing bugs was a higher calling, I insisted on starting a QA team. I drew some process pictures and started a formal inspection process. I studied the masters of the Quality Assurance movement. But somehow everything caved in on me a year later. I honestly don't know why I started getting complaints from management claiming I wasn't doing a good job, but I have a strong suspicion that, like Fiona, I left the company shortly before they were going to throw me out.

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