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What steps are needed to develop and run software tests?

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The following are some of the steps to consider:
- Obtain requirements, functional design, and internal design specifications and other necessary documents
- Obtain budget and schedule requirements
- Determine project-related personnel and their responsibilities, reporting requirements, required standards and processes (such as release processes, change processes, etc.)
- Identify application's higher-risk aspects, set priorities, and determine scope and limitations of tests
- Determine test approaches and methods - unit, integration, functional, system, load, usability tests, etc.
- Determine test environment requirements (hardware, software, communications, etc.)
-Determine testware requirements (record/playback tools, coverage analyzers, test tracking, problem/bug tracking, etc.)
- Determine test input data requirements
- Identify tasks, those responsible for tasks, and labor requirements
- Set schedule estimates, timelines, milestones
- Determine input equivalence classes, boundary value analyses, error classes
- Prepare test plan document and have needed reviews/approvals
- Write test cases
- Have needed reviews/inspections/approvals of test cases
- Prepare test environment and testware, obtain needed user manuals/reference documents/configuration guides/installation guides, set up test tracking processes, set up logging and archiving processes, set up or obtain test input data
- Obtain and install software releases
- Perform tests
- Evaluate and report results
- Track problems/bugs and fixes
- Retest as needed
- Maintain and update test plans, test cases, test environment, and testware through life cycle

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