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Living life as a Software Tester!

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Recently I read a very interesting article on “All I Ever need to know about testing” by Lee Copeland.

I was so impressed with the concept of our day to day work comparison with the software testing.
I will extract only points related to software testing. As a software tester keep in mind these simple points:

Share everything:
If you are a experienced tester on any project then help the new developers on your project. Some testers have habit to keep the known bugs hidden till they get implement in code and then they write a big defect report on that. Don’t try to only pump your bug count, share everything with developers.

Build trust:
Let the developers know any bug you found in design phase. Do not log the bug repeatedly with small variations just to pump the bug count. Build trust in developer and tester relation.

Don’t blame others:
As a tester you should not always blame developers for the bugs. Concentrate on bug, not always on pointing that bug in front of all people. Hit the bug and its cause not the developer!

Clean up your own mess:
When you finish doing any test scenario then reconfigure that machine to its original configuration. The same case applies for bug report. Write a clean effective bug report. Let the developer find it easy to repro and fix it.

Give credit to others for their work:
Do not take others credit. If you have referred any others work, immediately give credit to that person. Do not get frustrated if you not found any bug that later has been reported by client. Do work hard, use your skill.

Remember to flush
Like the toilets flush all the software’s at some point. While doing performance testing remember to flush the system cache.

Take a nap everyday:
We need time to think, get refresh or to regenerate our energy.
Some times its important to take one step back in order to get fresh insight and to find different working approach.

Always work in teams, team score are always better and powerful than individuals.

Now its time to take nap Happy Testing!

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