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First Weeknight Testing and my six lessons

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I liked the purpose, idea and motivation behind weekend testing from day one. Unfortunately, till now I did not participate in any session because of... well excuses :-). Finally I attended my first ever week-night testing session last week. To say that I liked this session is an understatement - I got hooked and will try harder to attend most of the weekend and week-night session is probably the right thing to say. In this post I will briefly summarize my experience and lessons I learnt in this session.

For this session, we did not have any prior instructions and following instructions were given to all the participants -

  • Take around 15 minutes to download and install Sellarium (
  • Test this application for next 45 minutes
  • Exchange notes and discussion in the last one hour.
You might think that spending two hours on a Wednesday night on this exercise after office hours is insane, but believe me it was great fun.

We got 15 minutes to download and install an unfamiliar application and only 45 minutes to test it. I knew time is limited so I tried to gather as much information as I could to hit the ground running. I had absolutely zero knowledge of astronomy and network speed at my home gave me the opportunity to learn / Google some information about the domain. So by the time application was downloaded and installed, I had, and for my reference.

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