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Getting started with testing PS3

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I am currently involved in an interesting integration testing project where end-point is media delivery on play station 3(PS3). I have never played PS3 and haven't tested anything on any other device (PDAs, iPhones, iPad.. etc) for ages. I have some experience of developing / testing application on Personal Digital Assistance (PDAs), but that was long time back. Since we do not get opportunities to test PS3 applications often, I thought it might be a good idea to share my experience with you.

One good thing about testing application on PS3 is the availability of help. Within an hour of setting up my machine, enabling port for PS3 and connecting it to display, I got very good demonstration of key features of PS3 by an enthusiastic gamer and team mate. By lunch time I was comfortable with the device and its various control / navigation etc. I started playing with the applications such as iPlayer to understand how media applications usually work on the console.

Based on the information I had about the project, it was a browser based application for PS3. So first task for me was to become familiar with the embedded browser and its basic feature set. I was pretty impressed to find that PS3 browser has got all the features of a standard browser such as cookies, JavaScript, CSS and so on. In essence, it is a complete browser. I did not have any information on which browser is this though?

After a little bit of googling - eventually I ended up on play station help for browser on and a small technical write up for PS3 browser.

First link gave me a good start / cheat sheet for using PS3 browser and second gave me technical information which might be useful to test browser based application on PS3.

I also got to know that PS3 browser is basically a mobile browser called NetFront Browser which is used for Printer, Digital TVs, STBs, Game consoles and so on... After getting this information, it was easy to get to the
product site for NetFront and explore / understand NetFront in more detail. I also had a brief look at a product called TrendMicro which provides basic security for PS3.

Though browser on PS3 is functional, but it can not compete with the browsing experience we get on PC. Probably that's why Microsoft does not provide any browser in their XBox console according to this article.

Now as far as actual integration testing on PS3 is concern, I haven't started it yet :-). We are in the final stage and I am making myself ready for that – but yes learning all of this was fun. Now that is one of the best reasons of working in software testing field, isn't it? Breadth of technologies and devices you get to work on and things we learn in the process are just amazing. Hopefully in next couple of weeks, I will be a bit more comfortable with PS3 / game console and how applications can be tested on these devices. I will keep you all posted on how it progresses.

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