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Software Testing - Identify Testcase Pattern From Bugs

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Bugs, Errors, Defects, Faults, Failures – All are indicators of customer dissatisfaction, especially when found in the production environment. With the increasing complexity of the software being developed, it is imperative to catch the high priority bugs before the application goes into production.

The purpose of this article is to provide a practical approach of identifying test cases so as to catch maximum bugs before the product goes into production environment.

There are several suggested ways of designing test cases such as Boundary Value Analysis, Equivalence Partitioning, Error guessing (Intuition) etc. However in this article we would learn how test cases can be derived from bugs which have been identified in the existing software.

The article is written in a bug-test-case approach. For every bug, one or more corresponding test cases are defined. The bugs and test cases listed are not specific to any application, but may apply to one or more of the following kinds of applications – Client-Server, Web, Desktop applications and so on.  Majority of the bugs mentioned below are relevant to the Microsoft windows operating system, but some of them are generic in nature.

Let us get started. The contents below are in no particular order:

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