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Software Testing 10 Rules

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by Mikhail Rakhunov contributor

1. Test early and test often.

2. Integrate the application development and testing life cycles. You'll get better results and you won't have to mediate between two armed camps in your IT shop.

3. Formalize a testing methodology; you'll test everything the same way and you'll get uniform results.

4. Develop a comprehensive test plan; it forms the basis for the testing methodology.

5. Use both static and dynamic testing.

6. Define your expected results.

7. Understand the business reason behind the application. You'll write a better application and better testing scripts.

8. Use multiple levels and types of testing (regression, systems, integration, stress and load).

9. Review and inspect the work, it will lower costs.

10. Don't let your programmers check their own work; they'll miss their own errors.

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