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165. View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the ORDERS table.
The ORDERS table belongs to the user OE. HR is another user in the database.
Evaluate the commands issued by users OE and HR in the following order:
Statement 1 by user OE: GRANT SELECT,UPDATE(customer_id, order_total) ON
orders TO hr;
Statement 1 by user HR: SELECT * FROM oe.orders;
Statement 2 by user HR: UPDATE oe.orders SET order_total= 10000;
Which statement is true regarding the above commands?
A. Statement 1 by user OE would not work because the statement has to be issued
by the DBA.
B. Statement 2 by user HR would not work because the grant is only for SELECT
in a subquery of update.
C. There are no errors in the statements issued by OE and HR; all the statements
would execute successfully.
D. Statement 1 by user HR would not work because SELECT and UPDATE privileges
have been granted only on CUSTOMER_ID and ORDER_TOTAL columns.
Answer: C

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