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115. View the Exhibit and examine the details of the PRODUCT_INFORMATION
table.You have the requirement to display PRODUCT_NAME and LIST_PRICE from
the table where the CATEGORY_ID column has values 12 or 13, and the
SUPPLIER_ID column has the value 102088. You executed the following SQL
statement: SELECT product_name, list_price FROM product_information
WHERE (category_id = 12 AND category_id = 13) AND supplier_id = 102088;
Which statement is true regarding the execution of the query?
A. It would execute but the output would return no rows.
B. It would execute and the output would display the desired result.
C. It would not execute because the entire WHERE clause condition is not
enclosed within the parentheses.
D. It would not execute because the same column has been used in both sides
of the AND logical operator to form. the condition.
Answer: A
AND 应该换为or

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