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73. View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the ORDERS table.
NEW_ORDERS is a new table with the columns ORD_ID, ORD_DATE, CUST_ID, and
ORD_TOTAL that have the same data types and size as the corresponding columns
in the ORDERS table.Evaluate the following INSERT statement:
INSERT INTO new_orders (ord_id, ord_date, cust_id, ord_total)
VALUES(SELECT order_id,order_date,customer_id,order_total
FROM orders WHERE order_date > '31dec1999');
Why would the INSERT statement fail?
A. because column names in NEW_ORDERS and ORDERS tables do not match
B. because the VALUES clause cannot be used in an INSERT with a subquery
C. because the WHERE clause cannot be used in a subquery embedded in an INSERT
D. because the total number of columns in the NEW_ORDERS table does not match
the total number of columns in the ORDERS table
Answer: B

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