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145. You want to monitor and control the resource usage by sessions. You want to be warned automatically when more than 100 sessions are opened with your database. What action would you take to achieve this?
A) Use the Database Resource Manager.
B) Set the limits in the profiles used by users.
C) Modify the SESSIONS initialization parameter.
D) Set the warning threshold for the Current Logons Count metric.
select * from dba_users;
create user test7 identified by test7 default profile;
口令10次锁定 password验证函数 idle time cpu空闲
建立新的profile sys: @..\rdbms\admin\utlpwdmg.sql;可以修改这段脚本
password验证函数 verify_function
Editor’s notes:Current Logons Count is system metric values of oracle. You can see this value by querying v$sysmetric.
SELECT * from v$sysmetric t WHERE t.METRIC_NAME='Current Logons Count';
从全局或系统级出发,数据库管理员通常想解决以下问题: 总的来讲,我的数据库运行状况如何?哪些因素影响效率? 我的用户获得的平均响应时间是多少? 哪些活动对总响应时间的影响最大? 在 Oracle 数据库 10g 推出之前,数据库管理员很难准确回答这些问题,但现在如果您碰巧正在使用最新、最可靠的 Oracle 数据库,则可以轻松获得这样的度量。
通过在 Oracle 数据库 10g 中发出以下查询可以大体上获知数据库的运行状况: select METRIC_NAME,VALUE from SYS.V_$SYSMETRIC where METRIC_NAME IN ('Database CPU Time Ratio','Database Wait Time Ratio') AND INTSIZE_CSEC = (select max(INTSIZE_CSEC) from SYS.V_$SYSMETRIC);

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