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105. Which statement regarding the contents of the V$PARAMETER view is true?
A) displays only the list of default values
B) displays only the list of all basic parameters
C) displays the currently in effect parameter values
D) displays only the list of all advanced parameters
E) displays the list of all the parameter files of a database
F) displays the current contents of the server parameter file
V$PARAMETER只是显示现在起作用的参数(currently in effect parameter values)
Editor’s note:V$PARAMETER displays information about the initialization parameters that are currently in effect for the session. A new session inherits parameter values from the instance-wide values displayed by the V$SYSTEM_PARAMETER view.
So,what’s the difference between v$parameter and v$system_parameter. If you execute the sql like that ‘alter session set parameter_name value.’ . You will see the difference with them by querying these two views.

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