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79. A user complains that he gets the following error message repeatedly after executing some SQL statements. The error message forces the user to log off from and log on to the database to continue his work.
ORA-02392: exceeded session limit on CPU usage, you are being logged off
Which action would you take to increase the session limit on CPU usage?
A) Modify the profile assigned to the user.
B) Modify the roles assigned to the users.
C) Modify the object privileges assigned to the user.
D) Modify the system privileges assigned to the users.
E) Modify the value for the RESOURCE_LIMIT parameter in the parameter file.
一个用户执行sql语句报错ORA-02393:exceeded call limit on CPU usage这时候可以在该用户的profile 里修给recourse limits
当需要设置资源限制时,必须设置数据库系统启动参数RESOURCE_LIMIT,此参数默认值为FALSE可以使用如下命令来启动当前资源限制:alter system set RESOURCE_LIMIT=true;
create user test7 identified by test7 default profile;
口令10次锁定 password验证函数 idle time cpu空闲
建立新的profile sys: @..\rdbms\admin\utlpwdmg.sql;可以修改这段脚本
password验证函数 verify_function

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