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29.What is the implication of setting the initialization parameter FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET to 0 in your database?
A) MTTR Advisor would be disabled.
B) Redo Log Advisor would be disabled.
C) Automatic tuning of checkpoint would be disabled.
D) Checkpoint information would not be written to the alert log file.
首先说说C的正确性: Automatic Checkpoint Tuning in 10g [ID 265831.1] How to enable: Automatic checkpoint tuning is enabled by default. If it is disabled, by setting the parameter to zero explicitly, you can enable it by unsetting FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET or set it to a nonzero value. If you set this parameter to zero this feature will be disabled. Note: this is different from defaulting (i.e. not setting) fast_start_mttr_target to 0. 可以证明C是正确的(有待验证,主要不明白怎么查询Automatic checkpoint tuning ) 关于A的正确性,可以看看下面,
每当我设置fast_start_mttr_target=0的时候MTTR advisory 会自动关闭
你可以看看告警日志,alter里面有这样一段: MTTR advisory is disabled because FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET is not set
實際上,這個參數不會修改ORACLE的配置,不會象你理解的那樣,去增加CHECKPOINT的頻率,也不會縮小LOG FILE,呵呵,只是在適當的時候觸發CHECKPOINT而已

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