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180. You are working on Oracle Database 10g, which is in ARCHIVELOG m
ode. All the archived log files are intact. In which scenario would p
erforming a recovery require the opening of the database with the RES
ETLOGS option?
A. loss of one of the tablespaces
B. loss of a system data file
C. loss of one of the control files
D. loss of a tempfile
E. loss of the only member of an unarchived redo log group
F. loss of a member from each redo log group
Answer: E
丢了部分没有归档的redo log,可以使用基于取消的恢复,打开数据库的时
候必须要使用resetlogs,主要是数据文件头跟控制文件里记录scn 不一致.
select file#,checkpoint_change# from v$datafile;
select file#,checkpoint_change# from v$datafile_header;

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