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162. You have created a job class, CUST_JOB_1, with two jobs, CUST_JO
B_1_A and CUST_JOB_1_B. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. The member jobs would get dropped when the job class is dropped.
B. Both the jobs would be executed concurrently.
C. The member jobs would get disabled when the job class is dropped.
D. The attributes defined at the class level would be applied to both
the jobs.
E. Jobs in the job class must have been assigned the same priority.
Answer: C,D
Concurrently:同时 priority:优先
你创建了一个job class 里面有两个job,当你drop 了该job class,里面
的两个job 会自动被disable 掉,一些在job class 等级定义的attribute 会被
自动应用到这两个job 上(类似user 和user group)
A job class defines a category of jobs that share common resource usage
requirements and other characteristics. A job class groups jobs into
larger entities.
There are two levels at which jobs can be prioritized: at the class
level and at the job level.(B,E错)
• The first prioritization is at the class level, using resource plans.
Prioritization among jobs of different classes is done purely on a class
resource allocation basis.
• The second prioritization is within the class, using the job priority
attribute of the job.
Prioritization levels are relevant only when two jobs within the same
class are supposed to start at the same time. The job with the higher
priority starts first.

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