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136. You are unable to move the Unified Job Scheduler occupant from t
he SYSAUX tablespace to the USERS tablespace. What could be the reaso
A. None of the SYSAUX occupants can be relocated.
B. The USERS tablespace is a bigfile tablespace (BFT).
C. The united Job Scheduler occupant cannot be relocated.
D.The SYSAUX occupants can be relocated to the SYSTEM tablespace only
Answer: C
A - Not true. Same off the occupants can be move
B - Not true. The USERS occupant , isn't , by default a BFT tablespac
e, and even tought, you should be able to move anything to a BFT tabl
espace. The point it's about to move, SYSAUX occupant.
C - True answer, as you can check , by the following query :
SELECT occupant_name, move_procedure FROM v$sysaux_occupants;
D - Not true. Can move SYSAUX occupants, whem is possible, to any tab
lespace that you want.
SYAAUX 表空间具有如下限制:
1. 不能删除
2. 不能重命名
3. 不能置为read only 可以offline
SELECT occupant_name, schema_name, move_procedure,space_usage_kbytes
FROM v$sysaux_occupants ORDER BY 1
可以看到Job Scheduler 是不能转移的

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