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135. Exhibit
One the evening of April 22, you are working on a database created us
ing Oracle Database 10g. This database operates in the ARCHIVELOG mod
e. You discover that you need crucial data that was dropped from the
database at 8:00 a.m. No full backup has been taken after April 15. W
hat would you do?
A. recover the database until April 10
B. recover the database until April 15
C. recover the database until 22 7:59 a.m.
D. recovery is not possible; manually re-create the object
Answer: C
RMAN simplifies recovery operations using backups taken from earl
ier database incarnation so that it is easy as recovering a backup fr
om the same incarnation. The simplified recovery through RESETLOGS fe
ature is an enhancement to recovery operations so that previous incar
nation backups can be used for recovery of the current database incar
nation. You use this feature when you have performed an incomplete re
covery (or a recovery using a backup control file) and opened the dat
abase with the RESETLOGS option.
To perform. incomplete recovery, use the SET UNTIL command to spec
ify the time, SCN, restore point, or log sequence number at which rec
overy terminates. Alternatively, specify the UNTIL clause on the REST
ORE and RECOVER commands.
10g 支持穿越resetlog 用当前数据库的控制文件(resetlog 后的控制文件)
加上resetlog 之前数据文件的备份,其实只要scn 连续就行

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