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127. In your test database, you have created the ORDERS table as an i
ndex-organized table (IOT). To facilitate faster querying, you have c
reated a mapping table and a bitmap index on the ORDER_FILLED column.
You observe that the query performance degrees when users perform. a
large volume of transactions. While investigating the reason, you fin
d that the mapping table segment is fragmented, leading to poor perfo
rmance. Which option would you use to defragment the mapping table wi
thout affecting the original table data?
A. Export and import the mapping table.
B. Drop and re-create the mapping table.
C. Truncate the mapping table and reinsert the values.
D. Use the ALTER TABLE .. REBUILD command to defragment the mappi
ng table.
Answer: B
SG 13-38 重建mapping table 一定要dropped and re-create
你创建了一个IOT 表,想在上面的其中一列建立位图索引,你必须建立一
个mapping table
注意到Mapping table 是个heap table, 用来存储IOT table 的logical
rowid (primary key)。 Mapping table 的每一行存储了对应的IOT 表中记录
的logical rowid.
因此这个mapping table 就维护了IOT 表logical rowid 和 mapping table
的每一行的physical rowid 的mapping 的关系。为什么要这样做呢?
因为bitmap 索引条目中保存的rowid 要用physical rowid, 而IOT 是无法
提供稳定的physical rowid 的,因此就借助于mapping table 的physical rowid。
通过bitmap 索引来访问表中的数据的执行计划大概就是首先根据bitmap
index 中的physical rowid 访问mapping table, 然后通过mapping table 中的
logical rowid 再来访问IOT 表

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