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124. You are using Oracle Database 10g. You performed an incomplete r
ecovery of your database and opened the database with the RESETLOGS o
ption. What is the effect of opening the database with the RESETLOGS
option? (Choose two)
A. This operation resets the SCN for the database.
B. This operation creates a new incarnation of the database.
C.This operation moves all the redo log files to a different location
D. This operation deletes the old redo log files and creates new redo
log files.
E. This operation updates all current datafiles and online redo logs
and all subsequent archived redo logs with a new RESETLOGS SCN and ti
me stamp.
Answer: B, E
select file#,checkpoint_change# from v$datafile;
select file#,checkpoint_change# from v$datafile_header;
只要以上两个不一致,就需要resetlog 打开
alter database open resetlogs; 即截断多余的scn , resetscn 更好
a.截断scn (有疑问) (warehous)
c.序列号从1 开始了 重建日志了

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