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118. Users are performing a large volume of inserts and deletes on th
e application tables in the APPS tablespace. You observe that there a
re several warning alerts being generated for the APPS tablespace spa
ce usage metrics. Currently, the warning threshold for the tablespace
usage metrics is set to 70%. To make the generated alerts more usefu
l as a problem identification tool, you want to reduce the frequency
of alert generation for the tablespace usage metrics for the APPS tab
lespace. What should you do?
A. Disable SQL tracing for the APPS tablespace.
B. Disable logging attributes for the APPS tablespace.
C. Modify the tablespace to be a dictionary-managed tablespace.
D. Increase the critical threshold value for the tablespace space usa
ge metrics for the APPS tablespace.
E. Increase the warning threshold value for the tablespace space usag
e metric for the APPS tablespace.
Answer: E
默认情况下,表空间空间占用率(达到 70% warning 时发出警告,达到
90%critical 时发出严重警告), warning threshold 是不能超过critical
threshold 的.

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