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111. You are working in an online transaction processing (OLTP) envir
onment. You used the FLASHBACK TABLE command to flash back the CUSTOM
ERS table. Before executing the FLASHBACK TABLE command, the System C
hange Number (SCN) was 663571. After flashing back the CUSTOMERS tabl
e, you realize that the table is not in the correct state and the res
ultant changes are not what you had desired. So, you need to reverse
the effects of the FLASHBACK TABLE command while ensuring that:
a) No other user data in the database is affected.
b) The operation takes the minimum possible time
Which option would you choose?
A. Use ROLLBACK command with SCN 663571.
B. Perform. Flashback Transaction Query with SCN 663571.
C. Execute the FLASHBACK DATABASE statement to retrieve the CUSTOMERS
table as it was at SCN 663571.
D. Execute another FLASHBACK TABLE statement to retrieve the CUSTOMER
S table as it was at SCN 663571.
Answer: D
Flashback table 后发现数据不对,提出要求一是不影响其它数据二是要快,

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