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97. Users in your production database complain that they are getting
the following error message while trying to insert rows into the ORDE
RS table:
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01654: unable to extend index USERS.ORDERS_IND by 8 in tablespace
While investigating, you find that the INDEXES tablespace has run out
of space and there is no more free space on the disk where the data
files are available. Which two actions could you perform. to overcome
this error without affecting the queries that are currently being exe
cuted? (Choose two)
A. Drop and re-create the inbox.
B. Coalesce the ORDERS_IND index.
C. Coalesce the INDEXES tablespace.
D. Drop and re-create the ORDERS table.
E. Rebuild the index online and move it to another tablespace.
Answer: B, E
Coalesce the ORDERS_IND index.----------合并索引碎片

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