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92. Your business has departmental reports that are generated every d
ay. Each department must use the same set of queries, but access a di
fferent subset of data in the tables, depending on which department g
enerates the report. The format of the reports is being developed; cu
rrently, the format changes daily. How would you configure the databa
se to ensure that each department generates its report (based on its
target data) using the most recent report format every day?
A. By having each user run the report generation procedure at the sch
eduled time, supplying the necessary input variables.
B. By creating a program using DBMS_JOB that accepts one or more vari
ables, and creating a job that calls this program using DBMS_JOB.
C. By having each user schedule a job using DBMS_JOB that accepts one
or more input variables and calls a procedure that generates the repo
D. By having each user create a job using DBMS_SCHEDULER that include
s all the information and commands necessary to generate the report.
E. By creating a program using DBMS_SCHEDULER that accepts one or mor
e variables, and creating a job that calls this program using DBMS_SC
Answer: E
一个企业,每天每个部门要产生一个report,这些report 只是调用的表不一样,其
它都一样。这样我们可以使用DBMS_SCHEDULER 建立一个program 接受多个变量,同时建立
一个job 调用该program 。


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