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89. In Recovery Manager (RMAN), you have set control file autobackup
to ON by using the following command:
CONFIGURE CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP ON; Which two events would cause the
control file to be backed up automatically? (Choose two)
A. A tablespace is taken offline.
B. The database instance is restarted.
C. A new data file is added to an existing tablespace.
D. A successful backup is recorded in the RMAN repository.
E. The RMAN connection is disconnected from the target database.
Answer: C, D
The control file should be backed up whenever the structure of the
database changes. Structural changes can include adding, dropping, or
altering datafiles or tablespaces and adding or dropping online redo logs
自己试验证明A 选项也会自动备份控制文件的

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