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66. Which two statements are correct regarding the Oracle Flashback D
rop feature? (Choose two.)
A. Recycle bin exists for the tables only in non-SYSTEM, locally mana
ged tablespaces.
B. You can flash back a dropped table provided row movement has been
enabled on the table.
C. If you drop an index before dropping its associated table, then th
e recovery of the index is not supported when you flash back the drop
ped table.
D. When you execute the DROP TABLESPACE? INCLUDING CONTENTS command,
the objects in the tablespace are places in the recycle bin.
E. When a dropped table is moved to the recycle bin, only the table i
s renamed to a system-generated name; its associated objects and cons
traints are not renamed.
F. If you drop a table that is protected by the recycle bin, then ass
ociated bitmap-joined indexes and materialized view logs are also sto
red in the recycle bin.
Answer: A, C
including   contents:包括所有的内容。drop   tablespace   mytbs   including   contents就是把表空间连同其中的内容全部删除。 
如果不加including   contents,则只能删除空的表空间,而存有内容的表空间是无法删除的。
Flashback table table_name to scn(恢复被删除的记录)才需要启动row
movement;故B 错

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